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Over 500 New Products Added TrippNT™ Topload Weighing Organizer Place this multi-compartment organizer next to the scale or balance to store your weighing supplies. It holds weighing papers, boats, spatulas, calculators, pipettes and any other tools you might want to use to weigh or calculate a weighing. Will hold up to 6" x 6" weighing papers and boats. Keeps bench top clean, neat and organized. Features built-in Kim-wipe dispenser, tool holders and multi-sized compartments. 12.5" W x 12" H x 7" D. 84037 Topload Weighing Organizer ................... $110.26 Categories Bottles & Labware pages 2-53 Buckets & Barrels pages 54-67 Discount: less 5% in 2; less 10% in 4; less 15% in 12. TrippNT™ Rotating White Bottle Holder Add safety and convenience by storing top heavy bottles in this stabilizing nine-bottle holder. Fits eight 500ml and one 1000ml wash or squeeze bottles. Middle holster can accom-modate ninth wash bottle or hold a beaker to collect drips from other bottles. Secure storage for large numbers of bottles with easy access by rotation. Makes storage easier in cabi-nets or for sharing resources. Made from PVC. Ultra smooth rolling, heavy duty turntable 24" W x 20" H x 10" D. 84048 Discount: less 5% in 2; less 10% in 4; less 15% in 12. Tanks & Tank Accessories pages 68-105 Valves pages 106-126 Lab Storage Bin ....................................... $146.75 TrippNT™ Small Lab Organizer Pumps pages 127-143 This rotating organizer holds gloves, wash bottles, spatulas and wipes. Lots of compartments to store vials, bottles, pens or reagents. It's perfect for sharing supplies or just reaching high-use items quickly. Secure in a compartment, the unit rotates with a high quality, ball bearing turntable. Quality and convenience all the way. 10.5" W x 4.25" H x 10" D. 84054 Discount: less 5% in 2; less 10% in 4; less 15% in 12. Duct, Blowers, Pipe, Pipe Fittings, & Tools pages 144-178 Maximum Organizer ................................... $98.13 Chemware ® PTFE Boiling Stones Resistant to almost all chemicals. Ideal for boiling organic liquids. Ultra-pure, virgin PTFE chips promote gentle, efficient boiling and help to prevent superheating, even of highly vola-tile liquids. Ideal for continuous extraction methods, such as EPA SW846 and EPA Method 1664 for oil and grease. Stones minimize “bumping” during reflux and distillation. Not affected by boiling acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalies. Easily cleaned and noncontaminating. Shows no trace of face acidity or alkalinity. Will not scratch or abrade glassware and leaves no powdery residue. Usable up to 550°F (288°C). 76105 Discount: less 5% in 2; less 10% in 4; less 15% in 12. Sheet, Rod & Shapes pages 179-207 Packaging & Bags Pages 208-228 PTFE Boiling Stones Mesh 3-10 ................ $64.94 Carts, Trucks & Trash/Recy-cling Containers Pages 229-249 Containers, Totes, Bins, Trays & Food Industry Pages 250-287 TrippNT™ Light Duty Lab Cart These appealing, bright white lab carts, have four removable 3" deep trays divided into various compartments. High-impact styrene provides an easy-to-clean surface and resist scratch-es. Both sides have storage shelves for bottles, gloves, wip-ers or reagents. Drawers can hang off tabs on top making it easy to access supplies. One large compartment in the bot-tom. Large side shelves hold wash bottles. 16.75" W x 33" H x 15" D. Flexible Tubing & Tube Fittings Pages 288-329 84057 Discount: less 5% in 2; less 10% in 4; less 15% in 12. Light Duty Cart .......................................... $237.25 Safety Products, Fasteners, Screws, Nuts & Shovels Pages 330-349

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